The customer’s always right, aren’t they?

It’s a popular saying, and not just in English. Klient ma zawsze rację  in Polish, as well as in French (Le client a toujours raison ), German (der Kunde hat immer Recht) and Italian (il cliente ha sempre ragione). It’s all about customer satisfaction these days.

toyota again

To others, it’s the boss who’s always right (and not just in English). You shouldn’t take it literally though: if you hear a colleague say it, it might just mean that the only person thinking the boss is always right is the boss.

WARNING! If a German says der Chef hat immer recht, they might actually mean it. And if you hear a Pole say szef ma zawsze rację and mean it, WOW, this would be a first.

Guess who’s always right in a French bistro (it’s where the photo below was taken):

a) the boss   b) the cook   c) the driver


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